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Add to the post actions on fail a Fail execution option

Status: Declined

I'm declining this idea due to lack of community support.



As in subject,


It would be good to have the Fail execution option. When the step will fail the execution pointer shal be moved to clean-up part of the sequence (and parent sequences) and the whole execution will be marked as failed



Active Participant

Explain how what you want is different han choosing

On Fail >> Goto Step and choosing step <Cleanup>

Active Participant

When you do On Fail >> Goto Step and choosing step <Cleanup> you finish the cleanup and the parent sequence will be still executing.


The point is to do the CleanUp in the all parent sequencies and finish the sequence with Failed status/ not to terminate the sequence.

NI Employee (retired)

Is there a reason why the station option to goto cleanup on sequence failure would not work in this use case? Do you need this on a per step basis?

Active Participant

Yes it is. The settings in station option is a global. I see a need of this feature to be applied step-wise rather than sequence-wise.

Proven Zealot

Do i understand correctly that you request a termination of the sequence without having the state of the DUT to be "terminated"?

CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Expert: Geometry
Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.
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Yes Norbert, you do.


I request termination with having it marked as failed.

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Status changed to: Declined

I'm declining this idea due to lack of community support.

There are critical failures and there are soft failures.
I also need this cascading cleanup to occur on the critical failures.  
Station Options isn't a viable alternative as that affects all executions causing all failures to be treated the same.


To get around this limitation on every critical failure step i need to set

  1. RunState.Sequence.FailureAction to FailureAction_GotoCleanup for the current sequence,
  2. Get my call stack depth
  3. Set the same property for every Caller up the chain.

This feature already exists at the engine level.  Just make it more flexible.