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Add step type "Comment"


It would be nice to insert comment lines not stuck to steps. In fact often comments lines are not related to a step and it's unlikely that moving a step it drags the comment with it. 

NI Employee (retired)

There is already a step type like this, the label step. Is there a use case in which the label step does not do what you are asking?





very good, sincerely I didn't think about the label step.

I feel labels somewhat are supposed to be targets to goto steps or to post actions. It would be good at least to change the step icon to mantain good readability.

Of course the comment should be written into the comment field allowing multiline and blank lines comments.




Jervin Justin
NI Employee (retired)
Status changed to: Declined

This feature already exists in TestStand as the "Label" step.



Jervin Justin

Jervin Justin
NI TestStand Product Manager
NI Employee (retired)
Status changed to: Already Implemented
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I think the discussion is still open. The status of the idea shall not be Already implemented.


I think the comment step would be quite usefull in the Case-Select statement. Details here:


I think it is a risky to treat Label step with no conjuncyion with GoTo step. They are existing toghether, not separately.


I don't agree that the Label step counts as a Comment step, and I'd like this idea to be revisited.


I'm writing test sequences that extensively use Select cases, and for readability's sake, I need a way to insert either blank steps after cases or insert multi-line descriptions before cases. I attempted using the Label step type, and now my sequence will not compile. I do not want to use the comment section on the Case steps because this will not A.) be a separate entity from the Case step and B.) display more than three lines of information.


For now, just to get my code to compile and run, I will remove the labels from my Select block, but this will significantly damage the sequence's readability. If there was a Comment step type that could be allowed within Select blocks, then this would not be an issue.