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Add an NI-VISA Adapter

Status: New

The NI-VISA Adapter could present steps that would related to the VISA Interactive Control application (Write, Read, Write from File, Read to File, Assert Trigger, Read STB and Clear). This would allow a developer to create a sequence that checks/calibrates a test station consisting of source, sense and fixture loop-back elements with out dependence on a particular adapter or version of an adapter.


I admit that the IVI adapter is already available, but not everyone uses ( or likes Smiley Tongue ) IVI technology.




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Knight of NI

I agree. I created a VISA custom step type years ago for TestStand 2.0 but it would be nice if I did not need to keep adding it to each new version.

Trusted Enthusiast

I did a similar thing as Dennis, its a useful step type for those that dont want to use IVI or have to resort to using a code module.

Ray Farmer
Active Participant

I just found myself really needing this and having to resort to using a LabVIEW because my Agilent DSO7014B has IVI drivers that don't seem capable of pulling more than 1k points of data without some extra commands that only VISA communication would let me access.

Ryan R.