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Add a "No Comparison" comparison type to the String Value Test

I'd like to see a "No Comparison" comparison type added to the String Value Test.


Currently there are only two options for comparison type on the String Value Test: "CaseSensitive" and "IgnoreCase".  I have often wished there was a "No Comparison" option similar to what is available for the Numeric Limit Test.  Sometimes you want to pass a string to the test report in the result field that neither passes nor fails the test.

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It seems so. But as that link is 3 1/2 years old and the feature hasn't been implemented, the discussion could be reopened.
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Ideas don't expire. Creating a duplicate is likely just going to split the kudos. It's best to kudo and/or add a comment to the original idea rather than create a duplicate.


Just letting you know.


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Status changed to: Duplicate