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Add MathScript capability to TestStand

Status: New

Every so often it turns into a mess of trying to do math in TestStand.  Or manage arrays (finally got some of that cleared up in TS2012).

LabVIEW "solved" some of that by implementing formula nodes, which are kinda just like the expressions we currently have in TestStand.  Then they realized that formula nodes didn't have all the functionality that users needed, and why not just expand to a "industry standard" and implement MathScript.  Why can't TestStand do the same?  Build the MathScript engine into the TestStand distribution, and allow us to write expressions (or at lest a 'mscript statement step') in mscript format.  This would help remove pressure from adding more functionalty to the TestStand API (since a lot of it would already be built into mathscript language).


I could imagine writing a statement like Locals.MyArray = Mscript.ones(15)


And how about {1,2,3} + 1

NI Employee (retired)

Hi.  You can call a LabVIEW code module with a LabVIEW MathScript Node.  Here is a KB on this topic:



Active Participant

The issue is more with how we can make this simple to do, and use inline in teststand formulas so I don't need to fork off to a step module to call some other code.  I really don't want to need to waste the overhead of a LV call into mscript in LV just do do something like ones(15).