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Ability to Launch Version Selector from Error Dialog

When opening a version of TestStand which is not the current version, an error dialog shows. It would be helpful if this dialog included a button to open the version selector and/or a button to open the active version.




Evan See
National Instruments
Active Participant

Why not just be able to open the TestStand version you want without consideration of which version you had open last, like you can with LabVIEW? And in that regard dispose of the version selector alltogether, and thus also get rid of that error dialog - as I suggest here?



CLA, CTA, CLED & LabVIEW Champion

This would help in reduce time and a handy feature

Active Participant

I'm not a fan of doing away with the dialog and having TS auto switch, as I've been burned several times in the past by launching the wrong version of LV by accident (or having a customer do so) and so triggering some unnecessary debugging / edits that shouldn't have been made etc.


But it would be nice if the dialog just prompted for 'hey, you currently have me setup to run in X, you're trying to launch Y, do you want me to reconfigure for Y or was that a mistake?"  where it could kick off a version select for me on an OK button press?  It'd make a nice usability improvement.