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Train Your Interns and New Hires with NI Online Training and the NI Badge Program

NI Employee (retired)

We recognize how time consuming it can be to train new hires and interns on the use of NI products. This constraint impacts mentors and protégés alike. Fortunately, we offer learning solutions to help bring your new hires up to speed faster while making your job easier.


NI Online Training

This on-demand, online learning option of NI courses is available to you as part of your Alliance Software License. Highlights include multimedia modules, hands-on exercises, and review quizzes.


NI Badge Program

This free online tool is designed to help learners assess their progress independently and identify knowledge gaps. Participants receive instant feedback on their performance and can track their understanding of concepts by completing milestone badge assessments. Relevant online training and resources are available for further skills development.


The online training and Badge program yield the best results when used in combination. Consider having new hires complete portions of the online training to learn new skills, and then have them complete a badge assessment to reinforce important topic areas. Incorrect responses on the assessment serve as an opportunity for new hires to discuss what they got wrong and why with their mentors. This approach can accelerate their development so they can focus their skills on applications related to your projects.


Explore the different learning paths that NI has to offer and find the training topics that are right for you and your team.

Shalini M.
Partner Development Engineer
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