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The Symbiosis of Alliance Partners and LabVIEW Developer Days


The Symbiosis of Alliance Partners and LabVIEW Developer Days

As an Alliance Partner, Why Should I Attend LabVIEW Developer Days?

LabVIEW Developer Days can be a business development opportunity for an Alliance Partner. Take advantage of this local event to establish your credibility and organically grow your contacts. Here's what one of our partner's said:



 “From an NI Alliance Partner perspective, Developer Days can be a very effective way to network with potential customers in a local area. The symbiosis of NI and Alliance Partner experience can be extremely powerful in this setting and it seemed to work very well at the Developer Days I attended and presented at in Galway. You’d have NI chuck out an idea, and then this would be examined and queried by people in the room. Finally, the Alliance Partner could present practical approaches and war stories. I think the attendees can really benefit from this.That said, there is a cost for Alliance Partners, in travel fees and the days of lost work. I paid for the trip to Galway myself. But, it was nice to work from a fun place.

-Steve Watts, Structured Software Design Consultants, Silver Alliance Partner


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Build Your Brand

Dev Days presentations are not meant to be sales pitches for NI or partners, but an exchange of technical expertise to encourage attendees’ thought and growth. Attendees don’t have to ask themselves, “Do I need to take this with a grain of salt because they’re trying to sell me something?” Instead, presentations cover a range of software engineering topics like code reviews or code reuse.


However, partners can still leverage Dev Days to build their brand. When a partner presents at Dev Days, they have a forum to demonstrate their technical prowess and command of the content. You can use this opportunity to establish credibility with event attendees, enhance your network connections, and position yourself as a leader in the community.


Build Your Business

And it’s all about the networking. LabVIEW Developer Days provides an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded engineers in the community and have conversations about past, current, and future projects.


Many partners skip their local Dev Day; maybe they feel like they already know everyone in the local community or they can’t spend a day away from billable work. But, it’s always good to stay connected and invest in relationships that could result in future billable hours. Dev Days is the one and only event in your area when you can shake hands and network with 40-50 people in one day.


Don’t Miss Your Local CLD Summit

This year, there will be three Certified LabVIEW Developers (CLD) Summits in the US, each held the day before or after a LabVIEW Developer Day in Salt Lake City, Denver, and Albuquerque.


Join local Certified LabVIEW Developers (CLDs) and learn from peers about their solutions to common engineering challenges. These community-driven presentations help to inspire and provide new perspective for future projects. Look for your invitation in the mail! 


Learn more about the new content at LabVIEW Developer Day 2017.


Register for a LabVIEW Developer Days near you.