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Program Updates

NI Employee (retired)

Dear valued Alliance Partners,

Our team has 2 important updates for you; please read the details below and contact with any questions.

New Logos

You may have noticed the overall NI “look” is evolving. As part of that process, all partner membership level and specialty logos have been updated. Partner level logos will be available to download through the Alliance Partner Portal, starting December 1, and Specialty Logos will be distributed directly through email. Any new creative should use the new logos and while it’s not required, we would appreciate updates to your existing collateral at your convenience.


Profile Update Deadline: November 30th

In addition to new logos, your annual partner report will be processed at the end of the year. In order to have accurate information in your report, please make sure your company profile on the Partner Portal is up-to-date. Contact your sponsor directly if you have any questions about your company’s VAR contract or annual revenue by November 30, 2016. Updates posted after that date will not be reflected in your annual report.