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Re: NI Partners - How are you helping to fight COVID-19?


NI customers and partners across industries are connecting and mobilizing in unprecedented ways to accelerate the testing and production of critical medical devices needed in response to COVID-19. 


We want to hear your story. How is your company pivoting to address the immediate needs of this global crisis? Comment below, post a video, or share a link to your website or social media channel and tell us more. 


For the most current information on how NI is responding to the situation, visit our website


Ready to use COVID-19 Immune System:
a 5-Phase-Hack for technology SME in Extreme Situations


To all small and medium sized businesses out there that do not yet have a corona contingency plan: we share with you our own executable 5-phase-hack "COVID-19 Immune System". This MVP  (minimum viable product) can improve your resilience against the impact of the corona  virus. It works well over here and we are in Phase 3 – Safe Operation – now.


Download the PDF here - no registration required: 5-Phase-Hack COVID-19-Immunesystem.


Background is our initiative SME-helps-SME. Our covid19  response team has transformed our internal corona roadmap into a universal MVP for you. In these trying times, only one should do the massive work and then share.


It is designed for an industrial SME that provides engineering and production services and has its own products (in our case hardware modules, functional modules, software components). So there is something for everyone in the package.


Please understand this MVP for what it is: an opensource hack against the aggressive Coronavirus according to the MVP philosophy: Build.Ship.Fail.Fast.Learn! Let's now quickly and jointly move and raise the shields against this blackswan, think and act agile, then adapt and share learnings.


Stay healthy!

Best regards,

Marco Schmid


COVID-19-Response Team,  

CompactRIO & Control Specialty Alliance Member of NI

Schmid Elektronik AG | CH-9542 Münchwilen, Switzerland |



Lovelace Health System, a network of hospitals in New Mexico, is working with a local manufacturer to create a new source of N95 masks. Lovelace sent out a call to the Air Force Research Labs at Kirtland Air Force Base to come up with a way to test/qualify the new masks. A group at AFRL is assembling the test hardware, which requires a flow controller and pressure transducers. This group reached out to Epimedia to see if we could provide control and measurement software. Using LabVIEW, we volunteered our services and were able to put together the software in a few hours. It's still yet to be seen if this system will be put to use, but if it isn't, it won't be because the software wasn't ready. 


In India, we are lockdown for about 21 days. We are all fighting with corona epidemic. In our country, a lot of people have a desire to know what is happening in India.


To keep them updated, our company has created a blog of live corona virus updates, so that people are getting fast news from the news channels.


This blog give information about total number of cases in world, India and Indian States. 


We Pray to god and soon world will recover from this outbreak. Live Updates of COVID-19.