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Go Boldly into the Future with NI !!


Thank you for being loyal NI brand advocates. We hope you are excited to champion our new identity to the world, and we invite you to share your stories and declare how you #EngineerAmbitiously.  


The resources linked below will help you inspire and spark conversations within your network. We have provided a detailed Social Media guide complete with sample text, tagging and linking instructions, and imagery. You can utilize these assets on your own company social media accounts and share the details with your employees and colleagues to extend to their own networks.  


When you access the online resources, we recommend you: 

  • First read through the Social Media guide for how-to information and specific urls and tags.  
  • Access the two folders containing social media banners and images named “Engineering Ambitiously” and “National Instruments is now NI”.  
  • Select from a variety of profile banners and images, even by NI industry segment, within these folders to create your posts.  


NOTE: This is the first phase of implementing our new identity, so you may see areas of our website or products that still look like the historical NI. Migrating everything to the new brand will continue throughout 2020.  


Feel free to edit your posts to “make it your own” and link back to NI channels so your company gets visibility with our audiences as well.  


Thank you for your support!  





P.S. Partner membership logos and other creative assets are in process with the SFDC PRM go live. Look for more updates from us soon.