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Cables and Connectors and Pinouts, Oh My!


Before joining National Instruments, I was a test engineer developing testers for very complex and critical devices. For most of the projects I worked on, it seemed like all the deadlines in a project could slip except for final production test. Because of this, I became highly resourceful and creative to meet deadlines. One area where my life as a test engineer was made easier was by finding wiring diagrams, pinouts, and pinmaps for all the interfaces in the tester hardware and to/from the device(s) under test.  


Interfacing and connecting your NI instruments with other cables, accessories, or custom devices requires a little planning but when done right can make hardware integration feel like a nice walk down the yellow brick road to success (pin pun intended - I know its lame). NI and other companies provide various commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or custom cable options and solutions for your connector and cable needs. To help you better understand what you need or options available from NI I have consolidated a few handy links to some of our guides and resources. For each guide be sure to look at the bottom of the pages for additional cable and accessory resources.


Compatibility – Is the starting point for picking out a cable and accessory that is compatible with your device or module.  Leads to the compatibility guide for your specific device or module model.


DAQ Multifunction I/O Cable and Accessory Compatibility


Digital Instrument Cable and Accessory Compatibility


C Series I/O Cable & Accessory Compatibility Guide





Cables – Is the starting point for understanding cable terminology, specifications, and technology.  Leads to the info guides with specific information for your cable model.


DAQ Multifunction I/O Cable Guide


Digital Instrument Cable Guide





Accessories - Is the starting point for understanding accessory terminology, specifications, and technology.  Leads to the info guides with specific information for your accessory model.


DAQ Multifunction I/O Accessory Guide




Custom Cables and Connectors

Sometimes a custom solution is the only option and NI can help make that a little easier too with spec. sheets, dimensional drawings, and CAD models. 


Custom Cables and Connectors – Contains detailed information and part numbers for connectors used on devices, modules, cables and accessories.  Gives information needed to build custom cables and accessories/breakouts.


NI DAQ Device Custom Cables, Replacement Connectors, and Screws


Digital Instrument Custom Cables, Replacement Connectors, and Screws




Dimensional Drawings

Find dimensional drawings, 2D and 3D CAD models here. Some cable drawings like the SHC68-68-EPM have been updated to include pinouts, mappings, wire colors, conductor sizes, cable diameters, bend radius, detailed connector information and more.



Many NI Alliance Partners have become experts in this area as they often integrate entire systems and deploy custom applications. If you have experience and insight in this area I welcome your comments and feedback to share with others. Also, if you are still a little lost and could use some help you can contact our knowledgeable customer representatives and application engineers at