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Using NIPM with an http proxy server



We have an isolated LabVIEW development and deployment system using SystemLink behind an internal firewall and we're trying to implement an HTTP proxy server to allow NIPM (and SystemLink) access to the external feeds.


We've implemented an Ubuntu 18.04 VM and have set up the proxy to allow access to, and Using Chrome browser on a Dev machine we can point Internet Options to the proxy and access However using NIPM we find that there's no connection through the proxy and using Wireshark we see an Error 500 being issued from the Proxy.  It's not known to which URL this failure occurs.


We have tried undoing the Internet Options and pointing NIPM to the proxy server but this produces the same problem.


My question to the Community is - has anyone successfully used an http proxy with NIPM and SystemLink where systems are inside a protected zone? If so what proxy server was used and any chance to looking at the conf file?


Stay safe everyone...Andy

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On your SystemLink Server, I would recommend making sure you follow the instructions in this KB


On the clients/test systems I would recommend making sure you follow these instructions.

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Thanks for posting the links.  The first KB doesn't work with SystemLink and we're working with TechSupport to find and resolve this issue.


We have got NIPM on Clients and Dev machines working with the Proxy and once we have resolved the SL issue I'll post the config details for the Proxy etc.

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Irvine CA
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