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Support *.nipkg files hosted on GitHub Releases


GitHub lets us host downloadable packages for our projects. Example:


Each package is given a nice clear URL like


How nice it would be if my NIPM feed could point to GitHub-hosted packages! This way, I don't need my own file server. So, I created a custom feed; the contents of Packages.gz are:



Architecture: windows_all
CompatibilityVersion: 190006
Description: Provides support for the NI Scan Engine and EtherCAT custom device for NI VeriStand 2018.
DisplayName: NI Scan Engine and EtherCAT for VeriStand 2018
DisplayVersion: 19.0.0
Eula: eula-ni-standard
LanguageSupport: en
MD5sum: be9d301d98465ac3157fbb8b6cee370b
Maintainer: National Instruments <>
Package: ni-scan-engine-veristand-2018-support
Plugin: file
Priority: standard
Section: Add-Ons
Size: 38198876
UserVisible: yes



Alas, NIPM does not like it ("Redirection to another URL is forbidden"):




It turns out that the nice URL above actually redirects to an Amazon cloud storage location, and the final URL is like


Everything works fine if my feed points to a different server and the URL doesn't get redirected.


Could the restriction on redirections be lifted somehow? Perhaps there could be an optional property in the feed to specify that a particular Filename is allowed to redirect elsewhere. Perhaps the feed creator can nominate one or more "whitelisted" domains for a particular Filename's redirection.

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Posted to the Idea Exchange:


(I couldn't find a dedicated NIPM Idea Exchange, so I put it in the "Additional NI Software" exchange)

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NI now has created a NI Package Management Idea Exchange now.

Bill Eisenhower
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