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Specify installation of NIPKG on drive !=C:



I'm looking for an option to create NIPKG which installs on a subfolder of drive D:\

I am using nipck on CLI .


Can someone please point me in the right direction?





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Hi Oli,


I'd love for someone more knowledgeable to tell me I'm wrong, but I suspect it might not be possible (at least via File Packages for NIPM/NIPkgs).

The list of possible installation roots is here:


The highest-level option (from a directory point of view) is  "BootVolume", which allows you to build any arbitrary path relative to "C:\" (assuming you're booting from C:\, e.g. "BootVolume\MyArbitrary\DirPath\blah.exe" will install to C:\MyArbitrary\DirPath\blah.exe)  but doesn't help you get to "D:\"

The other options can be useful to create fewer intermediate directories (e.g. choosing "ni-paths-LV2020DIR" and then a subdirectory for "vi.lib" is fewer than "BootVolume" and then nested [Program Files (x86), National Instruments, LabVIEW 2020, vi.lib] directories), but they don't give any additional flexibility that I can see - the toggling could be useful in some circumstances, but the directories could always be specified relative to BootVolume.


The leaves you, I think, with the WinInst Packages.

If you could build an MSI file then I suspect the range of options is wider - you could give it a default path to D:\ probably and if you wanted allow the user to edit that (or not...)

Maybe InnoSetup or similar (I've never used this, but a few people have said good things about it).

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Hi Chris,


thanks for elaborating! This confirms my findings pretty much.


The reason for my question is, that we have a lot of legacy test systems which have been set up to hold all test programs on a second partition. 

I don't really wanna go the msi route..




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