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Package building in LabVIEW related to NIPM version?



I have just discovered that if I build a NI Package from a LabVIEW project on a machine with NIPM 20.6 or 20.7 it cannot install on a machine with NIPM 20.5. This must mean that when we install NIPM we change some components that is shared with the packages builder used in LabVIEW.


Can anyone point me to where I can find this relation between the package building in LabVIEW and NIPM documented, and can someone from NI please explain why you would brake backward comparability in a minor / feature release of a product like NIPM?



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Jens Christian Andersen.
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From my experience, the Application Builder is calling nipkg.exe to do the packing of the NIPKG file. The version used is marked as the minimal required version to install the package (CompatibilityVersion key in the control file). NI has stated previously there is some lack of backwards compatibility since they have been adding features to NIPM. I know in the past they have added new symbolic directories so older version would not know what to resolve them to. 20.6 introduced a relative file path type of package.


Maybe an idea for the Idea Exchange, the minimum NIPM version listed should be based on the features used and not just the version used to build package.

Bill Eisenhower
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