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How to select installation folder in NI Package Manger

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The question is: How to select installation folder in NI Package Manger

Tried to find an answer, but with no luck 😞

During LabView (or other software pack) installation I just want to select the destination folder (or at least a drive) but I can't find any way to do it. Why am I forced to install everything in a C:\Program Files\National Instruments?



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Hi persyMG


are you building your own package or do you just install a package that you've downloaded somewhere?


If you build your own package, you can select the installation path for every single file in your package. For this, create a new Build Specification in your project (Package) and go to the category "Destinations" in there you can choose the starting points on the system and build your own paths, which you can use later on in the category "Source Files".




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I just want to install LabView (and all other elements like standard NI toolboxes) in selected (by myself) folder.

For installation I use this tool (is there any other tool named NI Package Manager)?:NIPM.png

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No this tool is the NI Package Manager and as i know there is no way to install software from there with a custom path.


Regards Matthias

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Accepted by persyMG

Hi persyMG,


Currently, there is no way to change the default directory through the NIPM GUI or CLI, however, it can still be done by manually changing some registry keys that NIPM uses under the hood. The following KB has the details:


Community Admin Note:  The article link has been removed due to invalid information.




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Thank you!


(I really hate when I can't control software and instead software wants to control me... 😞 )

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I have the same problem, but this provided link is unreachable. Is there an explanation somewhere else?


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I'm OK with NXG determining the download location for Package Manager, I'd just like to be able to find (and use) what was downloaded. 

Example: I want to control a Keithley 6500 device and PM has a 'project' example for it. It downloaded fine, however when I use NXG System Designer, it does not find the downloaded project. 


Also it does not appear in the folder location cited in this thread.Do I have to reboot or what?

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Well . . . I located the download location (or rather a Win 10 search did) buried five layers deep in the 'Program Files' folder. In my PC it is 'National instruments\LabVIEW NXG 5.0\AddOns\NI\Instrument Driver\' from thence the individual vi's and projects can be found--with a multi-level search, if you know what you are doing.


WHY so hard? Surely Package Manager knows where the packages are stored, so why doesn't NXG show them in a list?  Did NXG not get the info or what?



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Even after you change the REGEDIT, nothing take effect, labview will automatically rechange the PATH to C disk ,and again install the software into C disk .


maybe ,C disk is a delicious place .

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