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How to ignore "Error -125440: An error occurred while running the custom execute queue 'pre'" and uninstall Package completely?



I've built a package (.nipkg) for my product and specified a pre-uninstall action. During the tests it turns out that my pre-uninstall action contains an error. When trying to uninstall this package with the wrong pre-uninstall action, I always gets the error "Error -125440: An error occurred while running the custom execute queue 'pre'".


How to skip this error and continue uninstalling the package? Is there a flag like --ignore-errors or --force-uninstall?




Nikita Prorekhin
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Unfortunately, there's not currently a flag like you mention to get around a broken pre-uninstall custom execute. It is something that we are hoping to implement in future versions, but at this time is not. There is a process to get the package off the system but it requires editing some NIPM resource files that we do not recommend users do unless given strict instructions unique to their issue. For this reason, I don't want to add those instructions to this public forum but I'll send you a direct message and we can proceed from there.

Brandon Grey
Certified LabVIEW Architect

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Thanks for the info!


Having the opportunity to force removal of the package in the future releases is a must in my opinion.  It is good that we have a backup plan though! My next package (if it requires a pre-uninstall action) will definitely invoke this step as an "optional" step - I don't want to get stuck when deleting and more importantly updating my packages.

Nikita Prorekhin
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Please also direct message me - I have the same issue now due to a post-uninstall error

CLA, Teststand and advanced SQL
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