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Error "unknown root name: myinstalldir", when installing custom package!

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I am evaluating NIPM for custom/personal packages. I used it for NI packages just fine.

I used NIPM cli to create a package. 


Here are my control file contents:

Architecture: windows_x64
CompatibilityVersion: 185002
Description: Test Kata Files
DisplayName: katafiles released feed
DisplayVersion: 1.0.0
Essential: no
Maintainer: xyz<>
Package: test-kata-package
XB-Plugin: file
Section: Feed
Version: 1.0.0


I am able to build the package, create a feed, find my package on that feed, all ok.

When I click install, I get the error: (see NIPM-error.png)


I cannot find anything on this specific error. I am using 18.5.1 ... and need help understanding why this is happening.


Thanks in advance.





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Accepted by topic author kamrantav
01-07-2019 11:55 AM


I'm going to assume that you have a folder hierarchy such as:


This is not going to work because NI Package Manager expects to find only valid target root directories in 'data' folder  (e.g ProgramFiles, Temp, System, etc...), and 'myinstalldir' is not. The list of valid root directories is documented here:


Instead you need to select the desired target root directory, and then 'myinstalldir' like this:



You can find more information regarding package creation here:


Hope this helps!


Daniel Jaramillo
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author kamrantav
01-07-2019 11:55 AM

Also, you should change the category (aka Section) of the package in the control file.

The attribute you are using (Section=Feed) is used to indicate that the package contains a feed which is something older versions of NIPM used to register feeds on the system.


You can find the available Section options here:


Daniel Jaramillo
National Instruments
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Hi Daniel, Wow, Impressed with the quick response!! Thanks a million!!


You are right, I will adjust things and try again. The documentation sounded like “anywhere was possible” given it was just random test files.

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