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Browse Products tab gone after update

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Also the 20.x version of NIPM do have the ability to find and automatically add NI products. So if you have feed with a package that is dependent on an NI product, when you install your package, NIPM should automatically add the needed NI feed(s) and also install the product(s). This is to eliminate the need of adding the feed first. This is only for NIPM GUI however, not nipkg.exe or NIPackageManager.exe command line interfaces.

Bill Eisenhower
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I was generally satisfied with the NIPM automation of finding and installing drivers.
Two thumbs down for de-automating the process and creating more work for your customers!

This change is a step backwards.


Greg Raven
Motorola Solutions

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@Hooovahh wrote:

NI's web site has ranged from being fine, to being really terrible in various aspects over the years.  

I must have slept through the period that it could be rated as "fine".  And I've used it since 1999.

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Honestly trying to be as nice as possible, but this is a thousand steps back.  I was actually starting to be impressed when NI came out with the package manager because it meant I didn't have to go to anymore.  NI's website has been a travesty ever since its creation.

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@drjdpowell wrote:

I must have slept through the period that it could be rated as "fine".  And I've used it since 1999.

I didn't want to be too critical.  I mean I can think of places that I think are okay...


Like the Idea Exchange.  That place is fine.  Search seems to work okay, but if it doesn't find something I will sometimes revert to Google.  You can find new ideas, you can vote on them, you can discuss them, although now that I'm talking about it I realize you can't post files in the discussion which limits the discussion.  Maybe not.


Okay online training has worked "fine".  However I remember the video player being really slow, and going forward and backwards in the lesson would take a really long time.  I just checked and yeah it is so slow I just assumed it stopped working many times.  Okay maybe not that fine.


Finding NI's popular software toolkits is easy enough if you know what you are looking for...


Okay here is one.  Service request and management has worked "fine".  You can see the list of cases you've open.  You can report new bugs.  They will contact you via email or phone.  You can attach files to reproduce the issue.  It isn't perfect as last I knew you had to mention the hardware in a software bug.

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Wow, definitely not a improvement. Please reconsider and roll this change back, yikes. 


to utilize existing automated mechanisms that manage the transactional aspects of the download that are only available via the software download process at vs. the Browse Product tab in NIPM.


Could you provide more explanation of that? Is transactional aspects codeword for something else? 

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@bienieck wrote:


That's just great... I have no words.


First make the tool retarded, then force people to use it. Great job!

Wow! So we can't even use NIPM to update nipm anymore? And this is supposed to be a feature?


NI what are you doing? Does it even occur to you that your decisions affect your users? or do you just not care? Or maybe you are just out of touch with what your users want?

Sam Taggart
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This appears to be motivated by moneygrubbing. We need to use LV2019 due to some legacy hardware constraints, and downloading it through the website requires an active SSP. One was able to do this through NIPM until the recent update. I suspect they've made this change to close this "loophole".


The site is an un-navigable abomination and everyone knows it.


Profiteer ambitiously.... I don't know about everyone else, but I'm utterly furious. Sometimes I deeply regret predicating my career arc on NI products. 

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NI's technical and strategic decisions have been (at least in part) baffling me for the last 3-4 years. Some areas seemt o be doing quite well (Core LV development) whereas a lot of others just seem to be making decisions on random impulses.


It really worries me when people complain about a workflow-destroying change in functionality and NI responds to it as an "improvement". Sorry, I'm doing this too long to take anyone seriously who engages in that level of delusion.


I worry for the long-term health and technical viability of the company.

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I have to agree with the rest of the folks on this board. The change is disturbing because NIPM was sold as the way to get all NI software, and now it isn't. We in the community have made the move to adopt NI's distribution strategy... and we were, in my opinion, relieved with the simple "one stop shop" experience to find all software. Now we have a more complex experience. In my opinion, given the reasons stated  I don't see the ROI for the added complexity (from our perspective) and I can't imagine a compelling value proposition that would convince me otherwise.




Please provide the previous functionality again.


@Steen, to your point, GCentral is still hoping to solve the "putting our software on thousands of different websities" so we can easily find all software out there. We hope to start moving on a community NIPM GCentral feed in the near future that you'll be able to subscribe to as well as upload to.


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