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[NIWeek 2019] SystemLink: Accelerate Software Deployment and System Diagnostics

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SystemLink: Accelerate Software Deployment and System Diagnostics


The attached presentation is from NIWeek 2019.  It is a case study from a SystemLink and NIPM customer.  This customer was able to reduce deployment time from 30 minutes per system to 3 minutes for an entire production line... by using SystemLink and NI Package Pre/Post actions to achieve a "graceful shutdown>>install>>restart" process.  This resulted in fast reliable automated deployments, increased system uptime, and freed up engineering time for higher value tasks.



Many organizations rely on time-intensive, error-prone processes for software deployment. However, updating application software does not have to be a barrier to achieving project deliverables and operational efficiency. Learn how SystemLink software can reduce your software cycle time and increase your system uptime so you can focus on higher value tasks.



Chase Fearing :: Test Engineer, Sub-Zero Group INC.