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Choose a Method for Distributing Packages

This document is part of the NI Package Management Portal.


Choose a Method for Distributing Packages


These are the main methods to distribute and install packages:

  • NI Package Manager GUI
  • NI Package Manager CLI / API
  • SystemLink
  • Package Installer

The table below describes the scenarios in which each method is beneficial.  Click on the links in the left column to view step-by-step instructions for each method.


Method Scenarios
NI Package Manager GUI
  • End-user on target computer(s) can use the NIPM GUI to easily browse, install, update, and remove their desired packages.
NI Package Manager CLI or API
  • Automate NIPM tasks
  • Create your own custom package management GUIs
  • Integrate NIPM tasks into your own applications (e.g. update notifications)


  • Admin can use SystemLink to mass-deploy and push package installations and upgrades to n target computers
  • You gain all the other benefits of SystemLink (systems management, data visualization services, automated test insights, etc). Refer to and the Getting Started with SystemLink page.

Package Installer

(link TBD)

  • Install package(s) on a clean target computer, which does not have any NI software (including NIPM) installed beforehand
  • Install package(s) on a target computer that is not connected to internet/intranet/network.
  • You can create Package Installers using LabVIEW NXG 2.0 or later and LabVIEW 2019 or later and NI Package Builder.