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Build a Package using LabVIEW 20xx

This document is part of the NI Package Management Portal.


Build a Package using LabVIEW 20xx


  1. Make sure you have support for the Package build specification installed.
    • LabVIEW 2018: Already includes Package build specification by default
    • LabVIEW 2014-2017: You need to install LabVIEW Package Builder through NI Package Manager
      • Install NI Package Manager, if not already installed.
      • Launch NI Package Manager, and install LabVIEW Package Builder.
        labview package builder - nipm.png

  2. Follow the instructions in the Creating Packages with the LabVIEW Package Build Specification tutorial.


Active Participant andre.buurman@carya
Active Participant

When will the help instruction be improved, it feels like an executive summary. There's lot's of questions that remain unanswered, in special package dependencies and caveats.

André (CLA, CLED)
Member mahmoud2432

I'm having troubles with the communication with the picoscope. When I use the labview files that are in the intalation cd. When I run for example the file "" labview is not able to recognize the picospcope. I also noticed that my computer (I also tried in other computers) do not recognize the picoscope as an usb component. Then I can not use neither the "Measurement and automation Explorer" of labview.