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Post your ideas that are related to NI package management. This includes NI Package Manager, NI Package Builder, creating NI packages (.nipkg), distributing NI packages (.nipkg), managing feeds, and more.

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I've been informed by NI support that current versions of LabVIEW can only be installed silently by installing Package Manager first and then using batch scripts for installation. Previous versions of labview supported silent installation using typical msiexec flags. The current tool, INSTALL.EXE only supports a passive switch which requires an interactive gui for it to successfully run an installer with application options other that the Package Manager. This is far from an ideal situation for mass deployment to computer labs and it ends up causing a waste of time and effort. Please add silent installation options to install.exe and add the ability for INSTALL.EXE to show installation parameters when it is passed some sort of common help parameter (such as --help, -h, -? ). 

I propose to add pre- and post build actions to the LabVIEW package build spec as already present in e.g. executable build spec

If you haven't seen it, GPackage ( manager is a new package manager that has a tremendous amount of promise. It offers the ability to install different versions of the same package simultaneously to a version of LabVIEW. This allows the creation of "sandboxes" where on a per project basis I can tightly control which version of software I'm using. Another way of saying it, I can prevent the upgrading one version of a library from having unintended effects across different projects. 


I would love to see NI package manager \ LabVIEW support a per project "virtual environment". I could see this being accomplished by creating a per project user.lib and instr.lib. But that's just one idea...


I highly recommend NI examine, in detail, G Package manager and incorporate its per project capabilities into LabVIEW and NI Package manager. The ability to install multiple versions of the same package on a per project basis solves quite a few problems. That having been said we would also need the ability to install one package globally and resolve conflicts between the per project and global versions of a library.


FYI: please be aware of the article comparing the three different package managers:

When creating NI Packages with NI Package Builder, you are currently stuck with the limited set of categories/sections. It would help if we could customize this field.

I propose to allow adding dependencies in NI Package Builder that is not part of the active solution - and that are not NI packages. It should be possible to press "add dependency" and then type in the package name as free text

When adding a Package Installer, NI Package Builder is currently limited to only configuring the options on the top level, first page of a suited installer (i.e. "NI-IMAQdx", etc.), but not configuration of the second page "Additional items you may want to install:", where it lists "recommended" items.  This means one cannot create a fully customized NI Software suited installation (like was possible in the past with the .spec file).


NIPB needs to analyze the installer configuration and expose a list of recommends/suggests for each top-level package or for the whole installer itself, just like Install.exe does.

recent installation of SPB2019 from an offline installer package (due to poor connection) in my new machine has included a malfunctioned LM (constantly fail to connect server), and solution provided was to remove and reinstall the LM. Upon the initiation of the removal, NIPM removed all installed license-able (but yet to be activated software) software from my machine... with no possible way to stop the process... the HORROR on my face is no less than this guy here => Smiley Surprised


can I suggest LM removal to remove the LM and activated licenses only; rather than all the other un-selected, but license-able software?

It would be helpful to have the ability to duplicated portions of a Solution, such as package. This would speed up the creation of similar items using an existing as a starting point. I was looking for a button and/or right-click entry to duplicate a Package. However, the ability to duplicate would helpful throughout the NIPM GUI.

can NIPM separate the download and install as 2 separate processes? for instance, download (or queued for download, with scheduled to avoid congestion) into local storage, and install (or scheduled for install, normally after work hours once download is completed) from storage once download is finished. and while at it, allow a local PC to be the repository (that can be set to automatically update itself) and all deployment package can be pointed to download from that storage instead. 


an auto-resuming download manager would be nice too...


I am currently facing difficulties upgrading/downloading LV2019 using NIPM and have to break down the 'steak' into 'flakes' due to slow and unstable connection, because the NIPM restarted every time it encounters a problem.

This *may* be a niche request, I think a few people may find this useful...


Basically, I would like the "Browse Products" section of the NI Package Manager, but with the ability to run the application from that same window and allow it to display MY built applications. I essentially want a singular place to easily manage and navigate the stand-alone VIs I have deployed onto a machine that my students can access. Oh! And allow non-admin users to access this. 

What I envision is a package manager-like program (I'll refer to it as the Application Manager) where an end user can subscribe to feeds of packages (as is currently the case in NIPM). When this Application Manager is opened, it allows you to 1) view the programs already installed on your machine via this feed and provides a link OPEN this file (or just go to the folder where it is stored) on your PC, 2) install programs from the feed(s) you subscribe to and 3) make any updates to programs from the feed that have an update.

For example, a student opens up this Application Manager that has been subscribed to the "Mech Engineering" feed, which contains the package for temperature, voltage and distance sensing VIs. The "browse products" window displays these three VIs, and the user can open each of these VIs from this window. If the Temperature program has an update, some indicator will show that, and they can install the update and then open the updated version.

Ability to request to be (automatically) notified via email of patches and updates to a particular software or driver package.  NI Package Manager will only give me updates if I am online and for software I have installed.



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there must be a better way to uninstall NIPM without having to uninstall all NI software as a prerequisite, at least that I hope there is


do consider allowing NIPM to be uninstalled independently, as I believe most of the pre-NIPM era users have and still require those 8.5-201x LabVIEWs (for maintenance and backward compatibility with legacy hardware) that were already installed properly (with kinks ironed out). NIPM to rebuild the feedlist based on pre-NIPM-install NI software products, maybe? 

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think NI should allow the already stable and robust Update Service to download the latest packages/update and install them, while continue to fix/upgrade NIPM, Shouldn't put all eggs in the same basket. The current and recently updated NIPM is so frustrating that it can fail before initiating the download. the previous version kicked the bucket after hours into downloading, failing within inches from the finishing line. please consider not all users have fast and reliable internet connectivity.