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Post your ideas that are related to NI package management. This includes NI Package Manager, NI Package Builder, creating NI packages (.nipkg), distributing NI packages (.nipkg), managing feeds, and more.

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With the NI Package Manager we can now create packages for a variety of purposes (libraries, tools, APIs, stand-alone applications, plugins...).


However, there's currently a limitation with the dependencies. For example, if you want to create a .nipkg file that relies on the LabVIEW Runtime Engine that successfully deploys to any PC, you have 2 choices:

- manually install the LV RTE from NIPM on the deployment machine

- add the LV RTE (and your app) to a custom feed, and manually add that feed to NIPM on the deployment machine.


In any case, there's a manual operation for a user. This is because NIPM does not automatically search for NI feeds when installing a custom package (it only looks into already installed feeds).


There should be (at least) an option like this in NIPM (ideally it should be the default behavior)!

NIPM Options.png


This way, NIPM would behave pretty much like any other package manager (think Linux or mobile platforms)...


Useful links:



It would be nice if the IDNet instrument drivers NI host for LabVIEW 20xx were available as NI Packages. Currently only LabVIEW NXG instrument drivers are available as NI Packages. Also it would be nice if they were available to be searched from within NIPM.

the package manager seemed like cannot even populate nor remove installed packages without internet connection. is it a bug? as mentioned from the other ideas posted previously, not all operation computers are granted internet access. please look into it. thanks


just a suggestion, installer packages should be given the option to able to be installed/removed by itself, with the PM being a complementing tool, especially for inter-version compatibility during this transition period.



In addition to the idea mentioned in the following post,

would like to propose that the NI offline package to be installed entirely in offline mode, rather than trying to connect and fail, whenever a connection seemed present. 


and on top of that, offline installers to be able to be integrated into a local repository in our own network, and packaged distributions can be directed to them, as not all operation PCs are given access to the internet. For the time being, let the browsers handle auto-resuming downloads. 

It would appear that NI Package Manager requires elevated privileges via User Account Control to even run.

Whilst clearly for some actions this will be required for some install/uninstall actions and e.g. changing registry entries, it isn't clear why this is needed simply to open Package Manager to view what is installed and for other actions which may only make JKI VI Package Manager type changes to VIs within vi.lib etc.


If the medium/long term plan is for NI Package Manager to replace JKI VI Package Manager then it needs to support the ability for developers to easily add/remove VI packages without requiring IT administrator assistance each time.

It would be much better if the application was structured such that elevation is only required when this is absolutely necessary for the actions being undertaken at that moment and/or the user is able to explicitly run the application with elevated privileges where these will be required.

I did try to post this in Additional NI Software Idea Exchange and that wasn't possible but please move this should there be somewhere more appropriate.

recent installation of SPB2019 from an offline installer package (due to poor connection) in my new machine has included a malfunctioned LM (constantly fail to connect server), and solution provided was to remove and reinstall the LM. Upon the initiation of the removal, NIPM removed all installed license-able (but yet to be activated software) software from my machine... with no possible way to stop the process... the HORROR on my face is no less than this guy here => Smiley Surprised


can I suggest LM removal to remove the LM and activated licenses only; rather than all the other un-selected, but license-able software?

There should be a refresh button added to the NI Package Manager GUI. There is the ability to refresh the listings by pressing the F5 key, but that is not discover-able by the user other than blindly trying the defacto key.

It would be helpful to have the ability to duplicated portions of a Solution, such as package. This would speed up the creation of similar items using an existing as a starting point. I was looking for a button and/or right-click entry to duplicate a Package. However, the ability to duplicate would helpful throughout the NIPM GUI.

This *may* be a niche request, I think a few people may find this useful...


Basically, I would like the "Browse Products" section of the NI Package Manager, but with the ability to run the application from that same window and allow it to display MY built applications. I essentially want a singular place to easily manage and navigate the stand-alone VIs I have deployed onto a machine that my students can access. Oh! And allow non-admin users to access this. 

What I envision is a package manager-like program (I'll refer to it as the Application Manager) where an end user can subscribe to feeds of packages (as is currently the case in NIPM). When this Application Manager is opened, it allows you to 1) view the programs already installed on your machine via this feed and provides a link OPEN this file (or just go to the folder where it is stored) on your PC, 2) install programs from the feed(s) you subscribe to and 3) make any updates to programs from the feed that have an update.

For example, a student opens up this Application Manager that has been subscribed to the "Mech Engineering" feed, which contains the package for temperature, voltage and distance sensing VIs. The "browse products" window displays these three VIs, and the user can open each of these VIs from this window. If the Temperature program has an update, some indicator will show that, and they can install the update and then open the updated version.

can NIPM separate the download and install as 2 separate processes? for instance, download (or queued for download, with scheduled to avoid congestion) into local storage, and install (or scheduled for install, normally after work hours once download is completed) from storage once download is finished. and while at it, allow a local PC to be the repository (that can be set to automatically update itself) and all deployment package can be pointed to download from that storage instead. 


an auto-resuming download manager would be nice too...


I am currently facing difficulties upgrading/downloading LV2019 using NIPM and have to break down the 'steak' into 'flakes' due to slow and unstable connection, because the NIPM restarted every time it encounters a problem.

Ability to request to be (automatically) notified via email of patches and updates to a particular software or driver package.  NI Package Manager will only give me updates if I am online and for software I have installed.



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It would be helpful to have options in NI Package Manager that would show the Major & Minor updates for installed software as well the patches. Ideally this would be a configurable in NIPM to allow the users to see what level they would like. This has come up in a few forum threads lately.

Thread 1

Thread 2

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there must be a better way to uninstall NIPM without having to uninstall all NI software as a prerequisite, at least that I hope there is


do consider allowing NIPM to be uninstalled independently, as I believe most of the pre-NIPM era users have and still require those 8.5-201x LabVIEWs (for maintenance and backward compatibility with legacy hardware) that were already installed properly (with kinks ironed out). NIPM to rebuild the feedlist based on pre-NIPM-install NI software products, maybe? 

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think NI should allow the already stable and robust Update Service to download the latest packages/update and install them, while continue to fix/upgrade NIPM, Shouldn't put all eggs in the same basket. The current and recently updated NIPM is so frustrating that it can fail before initiating the download. the previous version kicked the bucket after hours into downloading, failing within inches from the finishing line. please consider not all users have fast and reliable internet connectivity.

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an avenue for reporting bugs/error? other users encountering the same issue can also contribute more information for better debugging... post can be internally-archived/removed once issue is resolved 


earlier today, updated the NIPM and now the mouseover event over the feed list for updates (over 2 seconds) crashed the NIPM (Debug/Close program) without any option of sending error reports

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It would be nice to be able to customize what is shown in the NIPM installation window while a Custom Execute is running. Frequently I am calling cmd.exe to run custom actions, so the executing cmd.exe is not very helpful as that is just means to calling something else with arguments. I would be helpful to be able to give a better description to the users of what was happening during that call. I would be ok if it was just an addition to what is shown now.