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Reduce need for elevated privileges for NI Package Manager

It would appear that NI Package Manager requires elevated privileges via User Account Control to even run.

Whilst clearly for some actions this will be required for some install/uninstall actions and e.g. changing registry entries, it isn't clear why this is needed simply to open Package Manager to view what is installed and for other actions which may only make JKI VI Package Manager type changes to VIs within vi.lib etc.


If the medium/long term plan is for NI Package Manager to replace JKI VI Package Manager then it needs to support the ability for developers to easily add/remove VI packages without requiring IT administrator assistance each time.

It would be much better if the application was structured such that elevation is only required when this is absolutely necessary for the actions being undertaken at that moment and/or the user is able to explicitly run the application with elevated privileges where these will be required.

I did try to post this in Additional NI Software Idea Exchange and that wasn't possible but please move this should there be somewhere more appropriate.

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Agreed. Microsoft themselves state a design goal of UAC should be to "eliminate unnecessary elevation" (per this article).

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I am flagging this idea for the NIPM team.


Hi All, I just want to acknowledge that this request has reached R&D and we agree that it is a good idea. It is on our backlog to consider for a future release.


Thanks and keep the feedback coming!


Aaron Peña

Product Owner, Package Management and Licensing

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Hi All,


I spoke about this with you (Aaron) at the european CLA summit and I believe this should be a high priority item to get included into the NI Package Manager. I dream of a day I can point my colleagues to the NI Package Manager so that they can install turn-key NI solutions that we have made straight onto their machines without having to involve IT. It would also be great to distribute all of our custom toolkits for the various NI software platforms that we have. At the moment we are using an application I created to manage installs of packages separate from the NI Package Manager that requires no admin rights (however it is a pain to maintain and is not the right way to do things).


Also, to put a number behind this, I currently have over 100 people using a piece of software created in LabVIEW that allows sequencing of hardware. Every update I make I need to get these 100+ people to contact IT and get them to run a new installer (since some dependencies may have changed). I can tell you now, IT are never happy with me as I constantly create work for them 😞

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Hi All, 

I am trying to deploy LabVIEW VIs by using NI Package Manager. I am building the package using NIPKG from the command window. The issue is after deploying If I want to edit and save those VIs it is asking for admin permission. Is there any way where we can remove that permission while building?

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> Is there any way where we can remove that permission while building?


No. By design, anything installed is not meant to be touched. That is a hard wall that we do not intend to weaken. If you want to change files after they are installed, the intent is that you need to rebuild the installer and install a new version.


I second thread opener's request and want to add following feature:


In current version, you need admin rights to deploy a package - if you install it as "normal user", you could enter an admin login during deployment.
In several cases, this workflow (admin right required, but you could use adml-account during deploy) seems oK - But, as I observed:

If, for example, a package is deployed in a user-specific folder, e.g. "Desktop", all content is currently deployed in admin's desktop (e.g. adml_thamberger's instead of thamberger's Desktop) -> so in this case, after deployement, package is again not visible for the normal, unpriviledged user.

Of course, in some cases you may choose your paths more cleverly - but anyhow, this trap currently exists...

Status changed to: Under Consideration
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Here is a use case I am trying to bring to fruition:

  • We have many test stations at several contract manufacturers
  • We need to pull our TestStand deployment packages and install them synchronized at the start of each test by version from internally hosted feeds. (SystemLink can only push based on what I am reading.)
  • We need to uninstall the previous package before installing the new one
  • We need to perform this whole process several times a day, automated and without admin rights, since this will be running on a standard operator account on each Windows station.

Since in our case we're only shuffling around test code using the file agent and not actually running any installers or accessing restricted directories, I would love to see an option to do this without admin rights. Otherwise I am going to have to write my own solution. I would love to use NIPM because it's 90% of the solution I need right now.

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I'll add kudos to this as well. I'm looking for a package manager to standardize on, and requiring every package install/upgrade/removal to have admin rights wouldn't do wonders for my relationship with my IT department.


It also prevents me from using it for some customer applications.


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