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Reduce need for elevated privileges for NI Package Manager

It would appear that NI Package Manager requires elevated privileges via User Account Control to even run.

Whilst clearly for some actions this will be required for some install/uninstall actions and e.g. changing registry entries, it isn't clear why this is needed simply to open Package Manager to view what is installed and for other actions which may only make JKI VI Package Manager type changes to VIs within vi.lib etc.


If the medium/long term plan is for NI Package Manager to replace JKI VI Package Manager then it needs to support the ability for developers to easily add/remove VI packages without requiring IT administrator assistance each time.

It would be much better if the application was structured such that elevation is only required when this is absolutely necessary for the actions being undertaken at that moment and/or the user is able to explicitly run the application with elevated privileges where these will be required.

I did try to post this in Additional NI Software Idea Exchange and that wasn't possible but please move this should there be somewhere more appropriate.

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We're considering using NI Package Manager also for distribution of toolkits, so it would be highly desirable to have an execution option with standard user privileges.


Same holds true for deployment of TestStand Testprograms which simply copy program code to the tester.

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