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NIPM: queued & scheduled download & install

can NIPM separate the download and install as 2 separate processes? for instance, download (or queued for download, with scheduled to avoid congestion) into local storage, and install (or scheduled for install, normally after work hours once download is completed) from storage once download is finished. and while at it, allow a local PC to be the repository (that can be set to automatically update itself) and all deployment package can be pointed to download from that storage instead. 


an auto-resuming download manager would be nice too...


I am currently facing difficulties upgrading/downloading LV2019 using NIPM and have to break down the 'steak' into 'flakes' due to slow and unstable connection, because the NIPM restarted every time it encounters a problem.


FYI, NI now has created a NIPM Idea Exchange

Bill Eisenhower
Certified LabVIEW & TestStand Developer

@CL_eisenwr: thanks for the heads up.


any chance forum moderator will move this post over to that thread?