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Customizable Package/Application Manager

This *may* be a niche request, I think a few people may find this useful...


Basically, I would like the "Browse Products" section of the NI Package Manager, but with the ability to run the application from that same window and allow it to display MY built applications. I essentially want a singular place to easily manage and navigate the stand-alone VIs I have deployed onto a machine that my students can access. Oh! And allow non-admin users to access this. 

What I envision is a package manager-like program (I'll refer to it as the Application Manager) where an end user can subscribe to feeds of packages (as is currently the case in NIPM). When this Application Manager is opened, it allows you to 1) view the programs already installed on your machine via this feed and provides a link OPEN this file (or just go to the folder where it is stored) on your PC, 2) install programs from the feed(s) you subscribe to and 3) make any updates to programs from the feed that have an update.

For example, a student opens up this Application Manager that has been subscribed to the "Mech Engineering" feed, which contains the package for temperature, voltage and distance sensing VIs. The "browse products" window displays these three VIs, and the user can open each of these VIs from this window. If the Temperature program has an update, some indicator will show that, and they can install the update and then open the updated version.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration