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Add ability to add/remove a feed with a package

Status: New



I want to distribute my packages with a specific feed. This can be very usefull to distribute application to customer and push updates. But if we use a specific feed, it's not straightforward. We can use the nipkg CLI command to add/remove the feed but it's not so easy to deploy to customer. It's often more easy to request IT to let NI Package Manager to have Admin right than to allow bat file for example.


So my idea is to give ability to install a package that also register the feed. After install the package, it can have access to updates more easily. If he uninstall the package it can interresting to unregister the feed. In this way, it can be also easy to update the feed by pushing an update of the package.


Note : I tried to do it with pre and post install command without success.


Best regards.



Maxime R.  

  CLA - Certified LabVIEW Architect / Architecte LabVIEW Certifié
  CTA - Certified TestStand Architect / Architecte TestStand Certifié