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Add CLI Switch for "disable auto-register feeds"

Status: New

In distributing software to customers (particularly through an IT group), a lot of the NIPM interaction ends up happening through batch files in an automated way.  In these types of instances we're running into either:

a) we want a hard lock on the software version (software is propagated through internal feeds) or

b) the system may have intermittent/limited internet connectivity or a proxy is in use.


When installing NI products, release feeds are automagically added to the feed list... and I REALLY don't want them there.


There's a nice GUI button to disable this... but again... trying to do thing as "hands-off" for the user as possible.


Supposedly this used to be possible through editing a config file:


But as of 20.7.X this method no longer seems to work.


It would be great if this could be added to the CLI interface or contained in some sort of accessible file that can be manipulated.