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In order to help debug and present measured data, it would be nice to have a plot tool that can display smitch chart plots. It could take in the data as an array or DataTable of imaginary numbers. Added bonus would be to provide methods to convert Impedance to Admittance and to also provide color scale based on a 3rd parameter (for example to plot impedance and gain in the same plot).

We are limping along on the ancient components works 3D graph that does suface plots. Any plans to move it out of the 90s?

So, if you create a scattergraph, and your data is hovering at the edge for where it will autoscale up, the graph will autoscale up and down quite quickly.  It would be nice if you could control how quickly it scales down, so that you would have a stable graph.  Or perhaps just modify that control so it wouldn't autoscale down unless 3 seconds pass.

I'd like to take advantage of Windows Presentation Foundation as the user interface for our data acquisition software.   I'd like to see WPF graphs, switches, gauges, etc.  with the ability to add the controls to XAML, databind, etc.

(Also wondering what happened to the beta version of Visual Studio 2012??)

I am sure i was and wont be the only one who wants to create a plot with timing data where it starts at zero and counts up in seconds or something else.  It would have helped me a lot if something like this would be in the original librarys and documentated as such. Seems like a really marginal feature which is easy to implement.




Please add NI DataPlugin Capabilities to Measurement Studio. Of specific use to me would be the equivalent functionality of the following 2 VIs:

1. Convert to TDM or

2. List


It would be extremely useful to break up the Intensity Graph data into cells to easily see "coordinates".  At the moment you have to follow coordinates with your finger or a pen.

I was given this solution but it is surely an overkill for what should be a simple setting.


The MS grid control and all of the 3rd party vendors grid (WPF) controls data bind to an object that has a property for each column of data for example firstname, last name, age, phone number etc.


Well in Data acq say I had 250 channels I would need to create an object that has 250 properties on it. Doable I guess but what if the customer then decides to just show 200 channels I would need a different object for that.


I would want the Measurment Studio grid to be easy to add arrays of data (V, I, R etc). Then if the customer enables Power I could easily add a 4th column or if they stopped the acquisition have the option to append the new arrays of dat to the end of the existing data.


Show me a WPF grid that can do this with performace of course?


The ability to make 3d views of control would be very impressive. 

I am often adding the glue code to make it work like LabVIEW. I guess I should make my own custom control but it would be better if there was something I could use off the shelf.