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Update the 3D Graph Control

The 3D Chart control needs to be updated to the .Net platform.  In addition it would be nice to have the waterfall functionality included in Labview.

Can anyone from NI elaborate on plans to update the 3D chart control for .Net languages. The ActiveX component is not x64 compatible

we are also waiting for the newer upgrade of 3D chart control. 

It seems to be taking a lot of time to shift from MESA to WPF



I concur. This is one of the reasons we can't move away from ActiveX. It would be great if they would give the same abilities in controls as their ActiveX counterparts... it seems like that would be a primary goal of theirs, but I guess not.


This would be of great use for us in gas turbine vibration analysis. I use this for reporting vibration waterfall plots to the dynamics department. See below for example:


The same thing can be represented in and intensity plot, but since a particular amplitude can be relatively large compered to the rest of the data, the color scale in an intensity graph can hide smaller amplitudes. This makes the overall intensity plot hard to read by the dynamics group.