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sbRIO-9651 "get volume" does not error when USB path is missing

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We're working with a USB drive on a 9606 (VxWorks) and a 9651 (Linux RT). I'm using a LabVIEW primitive "Get Volume Info" to determine if the drive is present. Of course I've done the needed path changes for Linux RT, etc. I'm looking for the drive at /u and /media/sda1 for VxWorks and Linux RT, respectively, using a conditional disable with OS condition. Everything works fine on both targets if the USB drive is actually connected; however, when a drive is NOT connected the 9606 will return an error (as expected) but the there is no error on the SOM. I can ftp/webDAV and verify the path does not even exist, but LabVIEW seems to think this is ok.  The attached picture says it all.  I am assuming the path is cached somewhere? I don't know.  No idea where to look or how to fix.  Any ideas? Anyone else seen this?  Thanks for reading, any input/ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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This has been solved with the help of some NI engineers in the disussion forum (Here).

Basically, you can cause the umount clean up scripts to fail if you are exploring the folders in the flash drive through ssh/webdav.

There is already a CAR filed.  #460049

Discussing possible workarounds in that thread, if anyone is interested.

Thanks to anyone who read this and thought about it.


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