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cRIO 9038 datasocket read http

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I have a cRIO-9038 running LabVIEW 2016. I am trying to acquire images from a HikVISION IR Cube Model DS-2CD2412F. It is an IP camera, If I use datasocket read in a windows program and enter the URL http://User:Password@IPAddress/Streaming/channels/1/picture[text] I can get the jpg (in text) returned. However in Real Time I get an error 1181 which I read here that says I can't use data sockets to read that http. However it seems I should be able to do this on a linux machine. 

Does any one know how to do this correctly?

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Hi LJHerskowitz,


I'm not quite sure why datasockets have that limitation on RT, but you can work around that using curl or wget. Keep in mind any calls to the SystemExec VI will induce jitter on all other LVRT threads, if this is acceptable, great. Otherwise, you may need to use libcurl through CLFNs (which may still induce jitter, depending on whether you call the libraries from RT priority G or not, and what the libraries are doing under the hood).

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I'm using wget. And it works in putty. 

It is working in real time. Thanks again

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