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cDAQ Support on NI Linux RT

Hello all,

   I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on their experiences using cDAQ with NI Linux RT.  I am interested in the platform's ability to meet the needs of lower end (performance-wise & cost-wise) projects that require some level of determinism.  Think really slow loop rates (e.g. 10Hz) and slow processes (e.g. tempetature control and the like) with no real need for FPGA programming.  Using cRIO I end up just using scan engine anyway. 

I have found confirmation that the cDAQ 9132,9133, 9134 and 9135 are supported but I was wondering about the 9138 & 9139.  They're Intel based so I would think that the x86_64 build would be compatible.  However, nothing on the product page says that NI Linux RT is supported.  It's quite vague, it just says it has "RT OS" support but doesn't specify which.

Also, what kind of determinism (if any) can be achieved with the NI-STC3 engine on these platforms?  (I am assuming all these chassis utilize that technology under the hood)

How does NI-STC3 play with NI Linux RT?

Thanks, any insight is appreciated.

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Hello OJSearch,

As to your question about the cDAQ-9138 and cDAQ-9139, these controllers are not compatible with NI Linux RT. Only the cDAQ-9132/33/34/35 CompactDAQ controllers are supported by this operating system.

When it comes to deciding which platform to use for your application, here is a good resource you can refer to when making the decision:

C Series Embedded Measurement and Logging Systems


Tommy G.
Product Manager
National Instruments
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