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Wireshark and libpcap

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Hi everybody,

for a customer we need to install Wireshark to sniff and troubleshoot a network issue. 

I saw that in the 2016 NI repository there is wireshark and also libpcap.


I installed both but the version of wireshark in the repository was not compiled with libpcap and is not able to sniff (only to open logs).


Is there a possibility to integrate libpcap functionality after compilation?

If we have to start again from the source (I saw that the version in the NI repository is the 1.12.4) which is the configuration used for building wireshark (./configure options)?


Thank you in advance!


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Accepted by Stefano.Caiola

Hmm, odd. I'll take a look into that.


Anyway, to get unstuck you can install tcpdump from the feeds, dump the traffic that you care to inspect, and load that into wireshark (host or target) to investigate visually.

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Nice! The tcpdump solution works perfectly!

I will propose this solution as a workaround... Regards 🙂


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