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Updating NI Driver versions after kernel recompile on PXIe-8880

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I needed to add iptables_nat module to the kernel on PXIe-8880 so I followed the steps in the following tutorial to add that module to the kernel. More specifically here's a list of commands I used: (i was recompiling the kernel on the PXIe-8880 ( itself and I already installed squashfs4.4.tar.gz on the machine)


opkg update
opkg install packagegroup-core-sdk-dev

git clone
cd linux
git checkout nilrt/19.0/4.14
export ARCH=x86_64

make nati_x86_64_defconfig

make -j6 ni-pkg
cd ~/kernel/linux/ni-install/x86_64
scp boot/bzImage admin@
tar czf - lib/ | ssh admin@ "tar xzvf - -C /"
scp headers/module-versioning-image.squashfs admin@


ssh admin@

source /usr/local/natinst/tools/

versioning_call /usr/local/natinst/nikal/bin/updateNIDrivers $(kernel_version)


I ran into an issue on the very last command. "updateNIDrivers" application wasn't found on the PXIe-8880, so naturally when i rebooted the controller none of the NI Drivers were recognizing the new kernel. Does anyone know if there's a way to install that utility on PXIe-8880? (I've installed all possible software i could through MAX on the PXIe-8880, but it doesn't seem to update NI-KAL which I think is the package that has "updateNIDrivers")

Sev K.
Senior Systems R&D Engineer | Wireless | CLA
National Instruments
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For Linux Real-Time *.ipk-based installations of NI Software (such as PXI Linux Real-Time) we no longer use updateNIDrivers. Instead, DKMS is used. I *think* DKMS is supposed to rebuild the modules automatically after a kernel upgrade but you can manually try to do so via:

dkms autoinstall
Charlie J.
National Instruments
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Thanks Charlie! 

That resolved the issue.

Sev K.
Senior Systems R&D Engineer | Wireless | CLA
National Instruments
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