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Trouble mounting on startup via fstab



I previously modified fstab to mount an external disk to a CompactRio, and this works well.



/dev/sda1      /x            ext3       defaults         0  2



I want to add a bind mount that also is available after startup. To do so, I added the following after the above:



/x/data  /sftp/share/mydata  none       defaults,bind    0  0



If I run `mount -a`, the bind mount becomes available. However, if I reboot the system, the bind mount is not automatically mounted.


After some research, I see that the mounts are setup by the /etc/init.d/ script:


mount -at nonfs,nosmbfs,noncpfs 2>/dev/null



I would expect this to mount the bindfs, but it unfortunately appears not to be doing so.


Any help is appreciated!

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methinks mountall will race badly against udev. You should write a custom udev rule to do what you want here.


Otherwise, I would be very curious what would happen if you removed 

-t nonfs,nosmbfs,noncpfs


It's possible that some improvement could be made here; an odd util-linux mount behavior could be getting tickled.


Adding `-v` to the mount options may also be helpful in diagnosing this (in conjunction with bootup logs).

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