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PXIe-8840 RT Linux Install Error

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I am updating a PXIe-8840 quad core to NI Linux RT from PharLap.  


I updated to 2.1.10f0 without issue.  Then, I made the bootable flash drive from MAX and booted off of it and installed.  Finally, I go to apply the system image from NI MAX and I wind up getting stuck here:



 With the following screen on the PXIe-8840



From here, if I reboot on the terminal, I get the following:



Then, if i try 

and try installing software online or installing software offline

then I get the following error:



Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you.



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The screen photo looks like the base image was installed successfully. I'm not sure, but maybe the PXI needs a connection to the internet to download all needed packages from the feeds.


In MAX check the network settings for the PXI (IP address in correct subnet, DNS IP, gateway) so that it has internet connection.




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Found a solution.  If anyone can explain to me why it happened, I would appreciate it!  I am back to the old topography now that I updated, but I had to set the network up as the green example to get through Linux install and the feed installs from MAX.







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We wouldn't be able to definitively say without more details about ip addressing config (or where DHCP comes from), configuration of the router (is it just a switch?) and maybe some other stuff.


By putting the PXI fully behind the PC, the offline access proxy that MAX sets up has fewer tripping points and has 2 clear directions: internet and PXI. Depending on a bunch of variables in the red configuration there could be a bunch of reasons why the proxying MAX attempts to setup can fail depending on IP configuration.

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