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Obtain Serial Numbers for C-Series Modules

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Hi there.


I have a set of NI 9203 analogue input C-series modules on my cRIO-9063 that will be sent out regularly for calibration. There will be set of these so that they can be rotated in while some are out for calibration; therefore my cRIO will have any combination of the NI 9203 modules at any one time. This is intended to be controlled via Serial Number of the modules.


The serial numbers do not appear to be written on the modules themselves (they are on the box though) and my customer has requested that I display the current serial numbers on the local Host to aid in remotely determining which system has what modules to facilitate planning of calibration.


Is there any way to programmatically obtain the serial numbers of the NI 9203 modules?


EDIT: I should mention I have tried the System Configuration API and the CRI library - neither was able to detect any of the modules on the cRIO chassis, let alone the serial numbers.

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If you're using FPGA code, you can get the module's serial number from a module's property node. Unsure if you're using RSI (Scan Engine), but regardless, this is a question best asked in the actual support forums, not the community forums.

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It seems that there is indeed a way to get that information from the RT host code as well


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Thanks, this is exactly what I was after.

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