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Leaving Safe Mode via SSH/Command Line

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I'm struggling to find a way to leave Safe Mode on the cDAQ 9134 via the command line. I spent some time w/ NI support trying to modify the ni-rt.ini file and setting Safe Mode to False but we never could get it to work correctly. I also see on other forum postings that directly editing this often doesn't work and that others have had trouble achieving this.

That said, I find it extremely hard to believe there isn't some way outside of MAX to get in/out of safe mode. Does anyone have any experience with entering or leaving safe mode with the NI RT Linux and just the command line?


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I can confirm that this does work with my NI RT Linux based cDAQ-9134.

Boot into safe mode:

/etc/init.d/nisetbootmode force-safemode && reboot

*note that it seems rebooting while in safe mode will boot back into run mode (unless you have some critical error preventing it, in which case it will fail back into safe mode)


Boot into run mode (Redundant, see comment above):

/etc/init.d/nisetbootmode force-normal  && reboot


It's important to note that the booting in/out of safe mode is done differently for the Intel x64 (i.e. Atom) based products like the cDAQ 9134 vs. the Phar Lap and ARM Processors (like cRIO 9068).

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