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How to enable PTP (IEEE 1588) _and_ SystemLink Client on a Linux RT cRIO?

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I’m trying to configure PTP (IEEE 1588) on a CompactRIO. In the past, I would install the CompactRIO Recommended Software Set, install the “NI-TimeSync Time Reference for IEEE 1588-2008” ( ), and then apply PTP settings in NI MAX.


I now have a CompactRIO that was set up by installing “SystemLink Client 18.5” instead of the CompactRIO Recommended Software Set. I could use SystemLink to install various other packages and drivers onto the cRIO, but I couldn’t see “NI-TimeSync Time Reference for IEEE 1588-2008” in the list of installable packages.


Could someone please help me enable PTP and SystemLink Client on the same CompactRIO? Thanks!

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PTP wasn't available as a package for deployment with SL back in 18.5.  You will need to update to a CompactRIO 20.0 or higher before you will be able to install PTP.  It will automatically install when you install NI-Sync, but you can see it in SystemLink if you show the hidden packages from the View menu.


In addition, the 20.x stack supports both LabVIEW 2019 and LabVIEW 2020, but not LabVIEW 2018.


One of the really nice things with 20.x is that you can now switch back and forth between SystemLink and MAX when installing software since they both support package deployment now if you are using the Linux RT System Image 20.x which also automatically includes the SystemLink Client.

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