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How to configure regional settings, keyboard, ...


I use a cRio 9030 with a touchescreen (TSM-1012).

  • How can I modify the date and time format ? I want to set them to fr_CH
  • How can I modify the keyboard layout ? I want to use fr_CH.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not sure if you are asking about modifying them from a LabVIEW application or settings dialogs. Also not sure if you are asking about a physical keyboard layout (assumed in the reply below) or a touch screen virtual keyboard.

If you just want to manually set them:

  • You can set the timezone in "Measurment & Automation Explorer". See the "Time Settings" tab when you click on a target. There are ways to do this programmatically too.

  • Setting the keyboard layout at the moment is a target only option: look under the "Settings->Keyboard" dialog. You can also do this programmatically via the System Exec vi or from a terminal. For example you can use the 'xfconf-query' utility to see/change the current keyboard layouts:  xfconf-query -c keyboard-layout -p /Default/XkbLayout

You can find more information about the 'xfconf-query' utility here:

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