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Getting started with cRIO-9035 and Linux RT


I would like to know if there is some way to create GUI for project on RIO-9035. And finally will see that GUI on TSM-1015 monitor which I am gonna connect to the RIO-9035 by visualisation port or not?

I am not  familiar with cRIO-9035 and Linux real time. Is there some way to create GUI on Linux RT??? .

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Hey TamaraDan,

After you install embedded UI support to your target, you can connect a monitor via mini displayport and view the desktop of the controller. Then, any VIs that you run interactively on the target will have their front panel displayed. Here is an example project we like to use as a reference,

If you have further questions and need assistance getting this setup, I would reach out to your local NI Support team (I would head to for more information if you're not sure who to reach out to). As this is a feature built into our products its something that we provide support for. Our Applications Engineering team can assist you with any questions you have regarding using these features.

Tim A.
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Thank you. After a week I am gonna get  cRio and try to install embedded UI support . I will write about results.

Thank you again.

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We were planning to just fire up the same GUI as for our Windows-version of our software. The biggest drawback though (as I've discovered so far) is that you have no menu or cursor functions available. The lack of menu functions in particular makes porting GUIs that use them (in our case that's about 90% of our applications...) a big job. It's unfortunate, it would save us a lot of time to be able to almost just recompile for the Linux RT target. I've posted an idea regarding this ont he Idea Exchange.

Check out ClampOn CAN Monitor on the LabVIEW Tools Network.
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