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Error code 65700 occurred during engine initialization preventing execution

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I have inherited a rather large project which had several issues that lead to some instability. The first issue resolution was to move the SVE to the real-time target and off the Windows PC. I have been using RT and FPGA for years and I am very comfortable with setting up and deploying projects. However this project uses DCAF to write to the Linux shared memory as a majority to this deployment runs on C code built years ago. 


None of the hardware has changed, none of the software has changed, none of the I/O mapping has changed. The current DCAF configuration file is mapped to an alias called "sve_host" with an entry in the /etc/hosts file for the Windows PC hosting the SVE. To keep things super simple I updated the /etc/hosts/ file to add the alias "sve_host" tot he localhost alias for I tried this approach to eliminate the need to edit close to a hundred variables in the configuration file.


I have rebuilt the project, deployed the variables, deployed the DCAF configuration and I get the following error in the /var/log/messages file, but cannot find any supporting documentation.


2021-02-08T17:00:35.900+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 avahi-daemon[2779]: Service "NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7" (/services/ssh.service) successfully established.
2021-02-08T17:00:35.901+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 avahi-daemon[2779]: Service "NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7" (/services/sftp-ssh.service) successfully established.
2021-02-08T17:00:39.056+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 avahi-daemon[2779]: Joining mDNS multicast group on interface eth0.IPv4 with address
2021-02-08T17:00:39.056+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 avahi-daemon[2779]: New relevant interface eth0.IPv4 for mDNS.
2021-02-08T17:00:39.056+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 avahi-daemon[2779]: Registering new address record for on eth0.IPv4.
2021-02-08T17:00:39.285+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 ifplugd(eth0): exit code: 0
2021-02-08T17:00:39.449+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 /usr/local/natinst/bin/nirtmdnsd[3165]: starting
2021-02-08T17:00:40.998+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 nitsmd[3519]: Starting TimeSync daemon...
2021-02-08T17:00:41.007+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 nitsmd[3519]: Starting TimeSync RPC server...
2021-02-08T17:00:41.008+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 nitsmd[3519]: Successfully started TimeSync RPC server.
2021-02-08T17:00:41.009+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 nitsmd[3519]: TimeSync daemon running.
2021-02-08T17:00:57.573+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 DCAF::Module::Scan Engine: Error code 65700 occurred during engine initialization preventing execution.
2021-02-08T17:00:57.573+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 Error details:
2021-02-08T17:00:57.573+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 Error 65700 occurred at Property Node in Scan Engine>Scan Engine>TBM module execution interface.lvclass:init>Standard Engine Runtime.lvclass:Initialize>Standard Engine Runtime.lvclass:Initialize From>Standard Engine>DCAF Execution Service.lvlib:DCAF Execution>cRIO
2021-02-08T17:00:57.573+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 Possible reason(s):
2021-02-08T17:00:57.573+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 CompactRIO: Unable to communicate with the module. Reinsert the module and check connections.
2021-02-08T17:00:57.743+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 DCAF::Engine::Standard Engine Runtime.lvclass: Started
2021-02-08T17:02:16.611+00:00 NI-cRIO-9030-01E017D7 kernel: [ 112.666792] random: nonblocking pool is initialized


Doug Ferguson
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You could see if anyone in the DCAF forum can help with this issue:


The errors seem related to the DCAF engine. 

David Corney
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