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Configuring a PPP interface on NI Linux Real Time

Hi everyone!


I have an LTE modem I am trying to configure for direct USB interface via PPP and am having issues. It is a DIGI XBEE style modem and I'm using the sbRIO-9651 running the 7.0.0 firmware and have every suggested available cRIO 19.5 software package installed from NI MAX. I also have some the NTP packages and the PPP packages installed through opkg.


I am following the XBEE instructions here:


I am able to configure the modem itself and get it connected (physically) to my dev board, but I can't seem to get the OS to work with PPP. I'm getting stuck on step 2. When I follow these instructions, this is what I get:



You can see that all the commands are recognized, but the PPP directory isn't ever created.


I have tried creating the directory manually and then proceeding with all the commands normally, but that just results in the following:



This error is specified in their troubleshooting guide (that in the manual), but it just tells you what it means, not how to fix it.


Has anyone run into this problem before? Your help is all greatly appreciated, I'm totally stuck!

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