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Configure Systemlink with AWS DocumentDB

Hello all,


I was wondering whether anyone managed to configure Systemlink with AWS DocumentDB. Currently we have our Systemlink server running in an EC2 instance.


For data backup and easier management of the EC2 instance I would like to move the MongoDB to a DocumentDB instance.


Anybody done this already? Any luck? 


The most relevant documentation for this I found in the operation handbook under 2.5 (


Thanks for any hints! 

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As this a Linux Real-time forum, you will probably get a better response posting to the Systemlink board:

David Corney
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Thanks. Honestly I thought I posted in the Systemlink board. But as I had both tabs open I must have clicked the wrong one without double checking 🙄


I posted again here:


If there is a mod/admin please feel free to close/delete this thread. 

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