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Cannot disable usb-storage or access bios


I've been attempting to disable usb-storage and I've tried several of the common methods but always mounts. Is modprobe.d being bypassed as commands in there seem to have no impact after reboot.


Also I'm using a crio 9032 and when attempting to boot to the bios via pressing either f10 or del it gets a software error on bootup and led 2 flashes continuously. 


Anyone have experience with either of these issues?

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The auto-mount behavior for USB storage devices is controlled by udev scripts under /etc/udev/

Specifically you can black list a type of device in '/etc/udev/mount.blacklist' or edit the udev automount rule in '/etc/udev/rules.d/automount.rules' or the mount script '/etc/udev/scripts/'.


There are options to disable the USB subsystem entirely (via the kernel command line) but that's a bit more invasive.

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I attempted to edit  the script and I commented out the statements revolving around umount however it is still mounting usb-storage. Is there a way to end if it is a particular driver name?

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Maybe override the udev rule?

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