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CVS 1458RT Freeze help.



I would appreciate help trying to narrow the freeze/crash I have with my program. The controller freeze, the only way is to reset the controller. I've attached the error log.


Here are the main debut output:


Loading VI Heap, HeapClass "FPHP", /home/lvuser/natinst/bin/startup.rtexe/88004051_2017/LabVIEW/Main VI 

DWarn 0x870E9989: PlugIn confused, instances not same, or nothing current
/builds/labview/2017/source/panel/PlugInDDOSupport.cpp(113) : DWarn 0x870E9989: PlugIn confused, instances not same, or nothing current


Thank you



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I am not a vision expert, so my advice will be limited to general advice.


I did find a reference to the same error message for another support case. In that instance the application was acquiring vision data to a buffer while reading the data for processing, in parallel.


The developer rewrote the code to force the image acquisition and analysis to run sequentially. This stopped any attempts to write and read the buffer in parallel. It also stopped the error.


The above may not apply to you, but it may point you in the right direction. Check to see if the application is writing and reading image buffers at the same time. 

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Thank you.

I think those warnings are not related to by freeze finally. I have those warnings on an other controller that don't freeze.


I dig around the image management and it look that I have a memory leak. I can post in the vision forum for those questions. I can't free up physical memory, even with a IMAQ Dispose all (TRUE). 


I will dig into that part of my code today. 




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I found the source of the problem, but I still don't understand.

The controller freeze after some time when using this function:  2017\vi.lib\vision\Operator.llb\IMAQ Add


Let me know if you have an idea please.

I would like to get rid of this freeze and need to do that simple Add function.


Thank you.




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